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Bay Area native Carlos Diego Mendoza began his acting career on the stage. He took theater, film, and musical classes and eventually graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor's degree in Theater Arts. He is an actor, rapper, director, and theater educator. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Height: 5”6

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me

Photographed by Ben Krantz Studio


Estronemicas DMR | GhostBusters Inc. | 2020

Supporting Actor

NYFA | Old Beginnings | 2020

Lead Actor

Supporting Actor

Amir Youssef | The Initiation | 2019

Special Skills

I am tri-lingual! I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. I'm athletic and passionate about soccer, basketball, and boxing. I'm currently fascinated and obsessing over video editing, scriptwriting and podcasting. Quarantine has been an awesome catalyst in learning these skills! I'm also a rapper, trained in comedia, a tenor singer, guitar player, amateur magician, oh! AND I get down on the dance floor.


July Moon Productions | 13 Reasons Why | 2019

DNA Films | Devs | 2019


Training & Workshops

Audition Technique | KC Clyde

Rap History & Technique | RJ Wayne

Scene Study | Stan Roth

Movement Technique | Nick Thurston

Meisner Technique | Barbara Damashek


Berkeley Playhouse | In The Heights | TBD​

Lead Actor

Supporting Actor

Stella Adler | Milkcrate Monologues | 2019

Lead Actor

Los Altos Stage | American Night: The Ballad of Juan José | 2019


NearFuture | Upgrade Card | 2021

Lead Actor

Lead Actor

First Person | VMWare | 2019

Fetch | SFMoma | 2019

Supporting Actor

Kapsized Inc. | Facebook Portal | 2018

Supporting Actor

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